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      Ann Arbor City Golf League 2019      

Golf league news:

This year's officers:
Jon Sutherland League Secretary  (734) 660-8641   jonathons007@gmail.com
Brian Schwab Score Master (734) 769-2025 brianinaa@aol.com
Larry Ritter Party Manager    

Latest News:

  • 08-29-19:

    Here we are at the close of another golf league season. Later than normal with the rain and holiday breaks

    Please be kind to your league mates with a later tee-off time so that we can all be in before dark. Sunset is 8:15 PM

  • 08-21-19:

    Scores through week 14 are posted. This week is your last chance to move up in the rankings for the final week of scoring for standings.

  • 08-16-19:

    Scores through week 13 are posted. Week 14 round results come early next week. Only one more scoring week for standings next week. August 29th is scramble and awards night.

  • 07-31-19:

    Peak summer! Only four more scoring weeks to increase your standings position. Then we scramble.

  • 07-08-19:

    Up to date scores are now posted. Week 7 has been reposted for updates

  • 07-06-19:

    Larry the Party Guy has announced the next Grill party as July 11th, weather permitting. Be sure to stop by the pavillion for hot food and cold drinks.

  • 06-17-19:

    Continuing the with this year's unfortunate extreme water targeting our Thursdays, last week's round was canceled. The season will be extended by one week.

  • 05-30-19:

    With the extended rain and expected swampy course, Brian has declared a rain-out for tonight, May 30th. The season will be extended by one week.

  • 05-17-19:

    Four weeks into the season, and time for refreshments. Thursday, May 23rd we play and then we eat. Food and drink and people for your post-round relaxation.

  • 04-27-19:

    I encountered a problem with our domain registration and we were down for a little bit. Tying up some loose ends but we are back in business.

  • 04-23-19:

    Welcome back to the 2019 edition of the City Golf League. Finally, spring is here in full glory and Thursday we play. Hoping your game and my game hasn't gotten too rusty.

    As always, read the rules. Some important call outs:

    • Play from the same tee color all season
    • Mark your par 3 putts for golf ball awards
    • We play by winter rules all summer
    • Check in to the clubhouse staff for every round
    • Players are allowed up to four make-up rounds. Schedule with the clubhouse
    • Our first grill party will be somewhere around Memorial Day weekend, weather permitting
    • We will try to make a weather decision for troubling nights as soon as possible and the clubhouse will be notified