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      Ann Arbor City Golf League 2017      

Golf league news:

This year's officers:
John Stinson League Secretary  (734) 645-6459 jstinson@UM75.com
Brian Schwab Score Master (734) 769-2025 brianinaa@aol.com
Larry Ritter Party Manager    

Latest News:

  • 08-23-2017:

    The final scores are in. Congratulations for completing this summer season. It had it's weather drama, but we are ending with some pretty fine conditions.

    Scramble night will be on the back nine. Contest holes will be posted someplace obvious.

  • 08-17-2017:

    Here it is. The final scoring week for standings. Hoping the weather cooperates.

  • 08-04-2017:

    At first it was cloudy, then it was clear and steamy hot, then the front came through and drenched the course. Rain-out was declared. The season is extended by one week.

  • 07-26-2017:

    Once again, concern about the weather canceled the after round grill-out. We will try again for this week.

    Only three more scoring weeks left in league play. Time to kick it in to high gear.

  • 07-13-2017:

    Weather instability is delared significant for golf this week so Larry has pushed the party off until July 20th

  • 07-11-2017:

    Standings through week 10 are now posted

    An after round party is scheduled for this week (July 13). Be sure to stop by

  • 05-30-2017:

    Standing for the first four scoring rounds have been posted by the Scoremaster.

  • 05-29-2017:

    Four weeks into the scoring books, it must be time for grilling. This week, after your round, stop by the pavillion for some food and conversation.

  • 05-16-2017:

    With a rain-out on week two, we returned to a regular schedule last week. This week looks to be warm and breezy for week three with our first official back nine round.

    Hit 'em low and straight

  • 04-19-2017:

    Welcome to the City Golf League 2017 edition. The league officially starts April 27th and the Pierce Lake GC may be able to place golfers interested in a pre-league round on April 20th if you call ahead.