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      Ann Arbor City Golf League 2013      

Golf league news:

This year's officers:
Bill Campbell League Manager  (734) 678-7928 billcamp@umich.edu
Brian Schwab Score Master (734) 769-2025 brianinaa@aol.com
Larry Ritter Party Manager    

Latest News:

  • 08-24-2013: The Scoremaster worked overtime to get the final round standings completed early and I have them posted. Note: Week 14 results required a correction that did not affect the standing order but did involve some point adjustments.

    This week is our annual grand finale scramble event. Bring your "A" game to your team!

  • 08-20-2013: Week 15 is upon us. This will be the last scoring round for the season. Good luck!

  • 07-30-2013: Vacation called and distracted me from standings updates. I've caught back up now and all updates are posted.

    See you at the post-round grill.

  • 06-28-2013: Yesterday. Torrents of rain. Bone softening rain. Greens that became lakes. Fairway drives that plug. Don't look to the sky with your mouth open rain. That's what it was. The season has been extended.

  • 06-25-2013: Keep your fingers crossed for a dry day Thursday. I feel a party coming on.

  • 05-28-2013: It looks like a hot one coming up. What a difference a week makes. See you at the pavillion after your round.

    Previously posted scores and standings have been updated for corrections and legitimate additions.

  • 05-23-2013: Early arrivals at Pierce Lake GC reviewed the golfing conditions and appealed to Brian (our available league officer) to declare an unplayable night. The conditions were pretty miserable and the few league arrivals concurred. Our season is extended one week.

  • 05-20-2013: The first four weeks of scores and standings have been posted.

  • 05-18-2013: This coming league night we will have our first post-round pavillion event. It's always a great place to mingle with your friends and meet new ones. As before, brewskies are available from the clubhouse concession.

  • 05-06-2013: Welcome to the 2013 golf season! It only took me 10 days to thaw out from my first scoring round.

    Always mention the City Golf League in the clubhouse just in case any store or food discounts are available.

    If you find you have to play make-up rounds, please score on the front or back-nine as appropriate for the round you are filling in. Also, let the clubhouse staff know you are scoring a make-up round and your league payment should cover that nine holes. There is a limit to the number of make-up rounds allowed, so check your league rules.