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      Ann Arbor City Golf League 2009      

Golf league news:

This year's officers:
Brad Cook Nefarious Leader   (734) 973-6629 brad5m@yahoo.com
Brian Schwab Score Master (734) 769-2025 brianinaa@aol.com
Larry Ritter Party Manager    

Latest News:

  • 08-26-2009: The final scoring week is in the books and posted on the site. August 27th is the party night scramble. Be sure to check for the rules on the site and on the first tee.

  • 08-19-2009: Scores up to date through Week 13. Final scoring night this week due to shortened season.

  • 08-05-2009: Standings and scores updated for Week 10 and Week 11. Previous Week 10 scored modified due to injury make-up.

  • 08-04-2009: Thursday snack party after the round. Stop by.

  • 07-29-2009: Standings and scores posted through week 10. Five more scoring weeks until the final standings. Make your move now!

  • 06-26-2009: "Capt'n, the grrreens kent tek much moor o' this." And so we rain out another week. Have a happy July 4th celebration and we'll see you on July 9th.

  • 06-25-2009: The food party has been cancelled for this week due to technical problems. It is rescheduled for July 9th. Golf is still expected to be played unless weather changes this.

  • 06-23-2009: Mid-season party this week. Bring your appetite.
  • Standings up to date through week seven.

  • Schedule updated for all rain-outs

  • 06-08-2009: Standings updated through week six. A minor correction was made to week four, so all standings from then to now have been updated or installed.

    Please turn your scores in to your league only through your officers, or use the email addresses provided on the site pages. Trusting your scores to golf course staff is not a reliable avenue for scores to count. Please do not use golf course staff for your submission.

  • 06-02-2009: Party was on the cool side, which dampened the festive nature a little. Ideal spot was around the grill if the smoke didn't bother you.
  • The notorious 18th hole gave way to several birdies on the night, one of which was inches from the cup for the tap-in. Great Shot!

    Also, be sure to clearly mark your golfers on your score card. While the Scoremaster is smart, sometimes it is hard to tell which Sam golfed with which group. Include last names where ever possible.

  • 05-18-2009: The web site is alive. Sorry for the delay. Stats will become available when the Scoremaster ships.

  • 05-26-2009: Food party this week (May 28).
  • Standings are in and will be posted to this site soon. To win league golf ball awards, please remember to mark the number of putts on your par three holes. Golf balls will not be awarded for any other marking on your card. Also, remember that all make-up rounds must be turned in before the completion of the round being made up. This is not only helpful to the Scoremaster and fair to the other league golfers; it is the rule.