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      Ann Arbor City Golf League 2007      

Golf league news:

This year's officers:
Brad Cook Nefarious Leader   (734) 973-6629 brad5m@yahoo.com
Brian Schwab Score Master (734) 769-2025 brianinaa@aol.com
Larry Ritter Party Manager    

Latest News:

  • 08-12-2007: Final scored are now posted.  This week's round is a four man scramble with awards party following.

  • 08-07-2007: Only one more scoring week left to improve your position.  Was that summer?  What happened?

  • 07-16-2007: Scores and standings are posted, with a correction applied to week 10 results.  Also, Jeff McCullagh did it again.  Ten days after shooting his first ace, he posted that same score while on vacation.  Then during league play on July 12th he bounced his shot off the stick on Pierce Lake #2, but it ricocheted to the fringe of the green.  That's accuracy!

  • 06-29-2007: Congratulations to Jeff McCullagh for getting his first hole-in-one on Sunday, June 24th at Pierce Lake.  He accomplished this feat at the 12th hole while shooting a league make-up score.  Witnesses were his friends and neighbors.  He said they could not see it go in due to the tall reeds.

  • 06-18-2007: Latest scores are posted.  For the second straight year, someone has posted a 33 actual for nine holes.  Last year it was Chris Strong.  This year it is Dan Helvey.

  • 06-17-2007: Note the schedule correction.  Mid-season party is June 28th.  The latest standings will be posted soon.

  • 06-14-2007: After some fooling around, I have finally posted the league scores online.  Have a good look.  It's early enough in the season to salvage your scoring year!

    Double check the league schedule.  Some things may have changed since you last looked.  Golf on July 5th may be one recent change.  It is now on the schedule as a league round.

  • 05-26-2007: The 2007 City Golf League web site is finally up.  We are now being hosted by Vowire, LLC by our new league member Greg Brewer.  When you see him, thank him for his generosity in providing the hosting used by this website!

    Some display glitches may appear here from time to time as your webmaster adjusts to the different operating system behind these pages.

    Have a great year!