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      Ann Arbor City Golf League 2006      

Golf league news:

This year's officers:
Brad Cook Nefarious Leader   (734) 973-6629 brad5m@yahoo.com
Brian Schwab Score Master (734) 769-2025 brianinaa@aol.com
Larry Ritter Party Manager    

Latest News:

  • 08-08-06: For those new to the league, we score only fifteen weeks.  The sixteenth week is a league wide scramble.  Scramble teams are three or four league golfers playing best ball.  The scramble rules are on this site.  This week we score round fourteen.

  • 08-06-06: Only two more scoring weeks left.  I hope you are still in contention.

    Through rain and heat we toiled to get this far.  The league season end always seems to sneak up so quickly.  Good luck to all players.

  • 06-20-06: Due to the new Scoremaster choosing software that was not compatible with plain-text processing (I hate MS-Office!), I had to write a couple of programs to process Excel files into a text compatible format.  I have completed that task and the league results are now online.

    Double check the schedule link for changes made to post round party schedules.  One such notable change is that our mid-season party is on June 29th, instead of this week.

  • 05-26-06: Storms forced the cancellation of the round.  I hope you made it off the course safely.

  • 05-25-06: Party cancellation notice.  Play will (try) to continue as normal, but the party has been pushed back to June 1st due to weather concerns.

  • 05-24-06: Thursday's round concludes with our first party.  Normally a snack (chips and drinks) social party, the Partymaster has said that we will get hot meat.  Carnivores celebrate!

    Last chance to get your missing scores in before the standings are calculated.

  • 03-23-06: Brad's announcment for the new season inspired me to roll-over the website for 2006.  This year we have a new Scoremaster - Brian Schwab.  Retain his contact information for future make-up scores, or if you are new to the league, your two nine-hole preseason scores.