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      Ann Arbor City Golf League 2005      

Golf league news:

This year's officers:
Brad Cook Nefarious Leader   (734) 973-6629 brad5m@yahoo.com
Stephen Opal Score Master (734) 669-0580 snopal@gmail.com
Larry Ritter Party Manager    

Latest News:

  • 08-28-05: Last Thursday was a spectacular end to what has been a most enjoyable season of league golf.  I hope you have a similar view of the experience we all shared this summer.

    As announced, I will be stepping back from my position as Scoremaster next season.  This does not end my participation in the league, nor does it change my willingness to continue hosting and providing this league web site.  As long as it is prudent within future Scoremaster needs, I am able to keep this service available.

    It has been my honor to serve the league in the capacity I have, this being the end of my third and longest stint as your Scoremaster.  There have been many thank-you's and other expressions of appreciation, both of late and through the years.  I just want to thank all those who have offered their words, assistance, and kindness.  They have helped support me during the drudgery of what is not a simple task.

    Brian Schwab (as of this writing) has volunteered to move into the Scoremaster role, and I will be providing him with the tools and any other assistance he needs.

  • 08-21-05: The final scoring week has been scored.  Please examine these scores and notify me of any observed errors.

    These scores will become the official 2005 final record at 11:59:59 PM, Wednesday, August 24th.

  • 08-17-05: Last week Marc Clausson aced the 14th hole, which was witnessed by Jack Barenfanger, Chris Strong, and myself.  For me, it was the first ace I personally witnessed.  Congratulate Marc when you see him.

    On a standings note, I've found another error that dated to week 12.  That week and all following reports have been updated.

    Finally, it's hard for me to believe that we are now upon the final scoring night of the league.  I hope you are in contention, or at least that you've enjoyed your season.

  • 08-10-05: One missed score from week 12 was installed that fixed flight three.  All other scores are up to date to my knowledge.

  • 08-03-05: Scores are updated.  Only three scoring weeks left.

  • 07-27-05: Party night coming up.  Grab a burger and a drink after your round and exchange excuses.

  • 07-19-05: Last week was a lightning rain-out.  We extend the season to end on August 25th.

    Keep league member Jeff McCullagh in your prayers for a smooth recovery from his open-heart surgery.

  • 07-13-05: Check the schedule link above for the most up-to-date league calendar.  Count down is five weeks.

  • 06-29-05: Only six more scoring rounds to go.  Check your flights and plan your recovery or defense.

  • 06-22-05: Remember to stick around after this week's round for grilled food, drink, and excuses.  Get your round done early so that you can get your fill and make it home for NBA Finals tip-off at 9:17 PM.

    See you there!

  • 06-15-05: An error was found in scores for the fifth flight, so the standings for week six were reprocessed.  Also, score cards were late this week but are now processed.

    It looks like we are going to have some comfortable golf weather

  • this week.  The rain has finally come and gone (for now).

  • 06-07-05: We have finally resolved one final player position and this has cleared the way for the standings to be calculated.  I have also updated the golf ball awards in the scores

    This year I migrated from my legacy standings generator to a new and improved open-source solution.  In the process I've made extraordinary efforts to make sure that the spreadsheet system calculates things correctly and that my macros are also performing as intended.  However, being human, and computers being fallible (they amazingly do what you tell them instead of what you mean), it is possible that something snuck through.  Please assist your ScoreMaster and check your scores.

    Additionally, some players may not be getting the golf ball awards they expect.  Much of this is due to the failure to mark putts on par three holes as mandated by the rules.  Some other players are getting marks on their scorecards incompatible with their flight (circles around pars, etc).  This poses no problem for me, but some players may be surprised by the result.   I'm rather hard-hearted about unapproved marks on scorecards and will judge for myself what they mean.  However, I've hung up my mind-reading cornuthaum.

    Also, every player is responsible for their own score, no matter who the group designates as their scorekeeper.   Please review your own rounds just to be certain you get proper credit.

    And finally, it's been a pretty good year so far.  I've enjoyed meeting the new players and re-associating with those from previous years.

    This just in... our mid-season grill party has been bumped one week to June 23rd.  Change your schedule accordingly.

  • 05-25-05: I have compiled all submitted scores and established flight placement within the league.  You will not see any golf ball awards logged at this time, this will come later.

    Let me know if you see any errors in your posted scores.  Standings will be available after this review process.

  • 05-22-05: Welcome to the long delayed City Golf League page.  The addition of league scores and standings will follow soon.

    Please join us after your round this coming week for snacks and beverage.  Depending on the inclination of the Party Manager, we may well have hot food.