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      Ann Arbor City Golf League 2004      

Golf league news:

This year's officers:
Brad Cook Nefarious Leader   (734) 973-6629 brad5m@yahoo.com
Stephen Opal Score Master (734) 669-0580 snopal@gmail.com
Larry Ritter Party Manager    

Latest News:

  • 08-13-04: Final standings are now posted.  Hope you had a good year!

  • 08-11-04: Corrections for missing golf balls is closed.  I will continue to correct any mis-applied scores so that we have accurate standings.

    Thursday is the final scoring night of the season.  My, how the year has flown past.

  • 08-06-04: Official announcement...  If you feel you have an error in the number of golf balls you have been awarded, you MUST let me know by Wednesday, August 11th.  I will audit specific instances on request, but if you miss this deadline, no further corrections will be made.  This is to assure records are completed to facilitate the final standings and award purchases.  I will not accept ``I think my count is off'' reports.  I will investigate specific or range of round requests.

  • 08-04-04: Scores posted for week thirteen.  Only two scoring weeks left this season.  Where has the year gone?

  • 07-29-04: Scores posted for week twelve.  Revision made to week eleven.

    Grill out tonight.  No, really.  This time for true!  Several of us were surprised by the schedule change so I won't take sole blame.  I guess some of us missed the original announcement of the change a couple of weeks ago (on the white board at the first tee).

  • 07-22-04: Revisions made to weeks nine and ten for make-up scores that were given to the clubhouse management.  I didn't get them until this batch of score cards.  This is why we have rules that say don't do this.  Week eleven scores have been posted.

    Grill-out night tonight.  Lots of things are going to be well cooked before this is over.

  • 07-15-04: Scores are posted through week ten.

  • 07-07-04: Fixed a missing score and have updated all standings from week seven forward through week nine.

  • 06-30-04: Scores through week eight are online. 

  • 06-23-04: Scores are fully updated.  In the process of updating golf ball awards I discovered some inadvertent typographic scoring errors and some missed make-up scores.  I think I found them all but I'll gladly review any standings reports on request.  Also, week four only had three flights awarded points.  I must have been in a hurry.

    Remember to stay after your round for the mid-season grill party Thursday.

  • 06-16-04: Scores through week six are posted.  Sorry, no golf ball award details yet.  I'll get to that as soon as I can.

    The mid-season grill party is a week away due to a schedule change.

  • 06-10-04: Tonight's golf league round has been cancelled due to cold, wet weather.  This will extend the season to August 19th, with all party dates pushed back one week as well.

  • 06-09-04: Made a flight correction.  Moved a player from third flight to fourth flight and a player from fourth flight to fifth flight.  Standings have changed slightly.

  • 06-08-04: Scores through week five have been posted.  Week six scores from last week are still pending, as is all golf ball awards.  I will update that information as soon as I can.

    Check your flight; it may have changed from last year.  A new flight will likely change how you win golf ball awards.  And, as always, I remind all golfers to mark the number of putts on all par three greens.  This is the only way I will determine valid golf ball awards for flights two through five.

  • 06-03-04: No scores yet.  Catastrophic failure of my home computer hard drive and now (as I have discovered) power supply.  Now that I know this, I'll be on track to get things moving again.  Soon.  I promise.

  • 05-23-04: Select the scores link above to see scores credited this season.  Flights listed are preliminary for 58 members.  If you are missing a score for a round already played, get your make-up score in right away. We want to get flights finalized and standings processed.

    Grills will be hot this week, so hang around after your round for some burgers and dogs and bragging (or excuses).

  • 05-17-04: As Brad has stated, the snack party on May 27th is now a grill party.  This means that hot food will be available, and we all will be given a better opportunity to say hi to our returning league members and welcome our new members.  Reserve your evening for a little more fun.

  • 05-17-04: The events schedule has changed.  The snack party originally scheduled for this coming week is now scheduled for May 27th.

    I have received only a fraction of the new member practice rounds.  Brad has suggested an escalated method for building initial flights that I am considering.  It may be possible to post current and previous weeks standings on or before May 27th, but that capability is still in review.

  • 05-06-04: New members should be sure to get their two practice round scores to me ASAP!

    REMINDER: All players should always document the number of putts made on each par three green.  Marking putts is primarily to give the Scoremaster proper information to use when determinging golf ball awards after flights are set.  Until you know which flight you are in, you can not be certain which award level you are playing within.  Circles are NOT suitable indicators of golf ball awards and will be ignored.