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      Ann Arbor City Golf League 2003      

Golf league news:

This year's officers:
Brad Cook Nefarious Leader   (734) 973-6629 brad5m@yahoo.com
Stephen Opal Score Master (734) 669-0580 snopal@gmail.com
Larry Ritter Party Manager    

Latest News:

  • 08-24-03: We've wrapped up another scoring season.  Congratulations to all the flight winners and also those who finished near the top of their leagues.

    We will be awarding 484 golf balls across the league.  Every golfer gets at least three golf balls, and awards will be limited to twelve balls by league rule.

    August 28th will be our end of season scramble.  Rules are available on this site under the 'Scramble' link.  Typical on course contests will be played during the round.

    Post round festivities include food, drink, awards, prizes, and good times.

  • 08-17-03: I would have posted earlier but the power outage messed with my home LAN and I've only just gotten back online.  We will be extending the season one more week for the closed course condition we experienced when the county facility shut down in emergency mode.  Check the posted schedule for the dates.  Week 15 will now be Aug 21st.

  • 08-13-03: This week's round will be the last official scoring round.  Still a couple of flights are up for grabs, so if you are in the fight, give it your best shot.  It's expected to be hot.

  • 08-06-03: Just checking in to fill the space.  Last two scoring weeks coming up.  We score to week 15 and then scramble on week 16.

  • 07-22-03: Back from my vacation and scores are caught up.  Last Thursday seems to be one of our most active rounds with only four golfers failing to submit scores.

    Weather permitting, we will be having an additional grill-out after the completion of the round.  Be sure to stop by for the food; stay for the camaraderie.

  • 07-07-03: One holiday down, one more to go for the summer season.  I've installed the latest scores for the league for week nine. 

    Six more scoring weeks, so time to make your run! 

    Be sure to get your vacation make-up scores in before the round you will miss.  Also, take advantage of the clubhouse make-up round policy.  If you are going to miss a round of league golf due to vacation, let them know and your nine holes are covered by your league fees.

  • 06-26-03: Some scores have been reposted because I missed the make-up scores in my email box.  Let me know if anything further is not addressed.

    It's been a muggy week, and we can only hope for a dry round tonight.  Let's keep our fingers crossed.

  • 06-16-03: Don't leave early June 19th.  The grills will be hot, and the food will be tasty.  Hang out for the 4th longest day of the year.

  • 06-11-03: After much delay I have finally presented the historical records for this season.  This Thursday will be week seven.  Last week's scores will be inserted into the system after I acquire the week six cards.

    The round on June 5th was officially declared a rain-out, well before the early golfers could complete the round.  Lightning is nothing to trivialize.

    Also, news from the snack party (belated, but pertinent) that the snack party previously scheduled for July 24th is now a full fledged Grill-out.  Don't you dare miss it.

  • 05-18-03: I have posted the scores I can currently track from scorecards and e-mail messages.  If you believe there are any errors, drop me a line at my e-mail.

  • 05-17-03: Four weeks are in the books and I will soon be posting flight information.  Scores to date will be posted ahead of that time so that any clerical errors can be corrected.

    The first post-round party is next Thursday, May 22nd.  Come say hi to old friends and new league members.

  • 05-15-03: Sorry for the slow start in 2003. I'll be working on these pages when I can get a chance.

    New members should be sure to get their two practice round scores to me ASAP!