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      Ann Arbor City Golf League 2002      

Golf league news:

This year's officers:
Brad Cook Nefarious Leader   (734) 973-6629 brad5m@yahoo.com
Stephen Opal Score Master (734) 669-0580 snopal@gmail.com
Larry Ritter Party Manager    

Latest News:

  • 08-26-02: The final standings are posted. Please review the scores and submit corrections before Wednesday night. After that they are considered official. Be sure to use s_n_opal@yahoo.com or 734-669-0580 for any score related comments.

    Don't forget to review and copy the rules for the last night scramble.

  • 08-19-02: Week 14 round is in the books. The final round of scoring is coming up next.

  • 08-11-02: Last week's round could not have been a nicer day. Quite an excuse breaker. Nothing to blame but ourselves for bad shots.

    We're still on track for an August 29th finale/party/awards night.

  • 08-05-02: Looks like moderate weather. Come by the pavillion and grab a soda or brew after your round.

    Three more scoring weeks for the season, so make each round count. We award three places in every flight.

  • 07-31-02: The third party of the season scheduled for August 1st has been rescheduled to August 8th. It looks like Mr. Ritter is being kept down by the MAN.

  • 07-28-02: Week 11 is posted. Only three more scoring weeks ahead.

    Last week's round was unexpectedly displaced from the announced nine holes. This Thursday we should be on the front nine.

    Our 3rd party is scheduled immediately after. Snacks and drinks are the refreshments on the menu.

    Check the schedule for the current last night of the season.

  • 07-21-02: I've posted the scores and standings for July 11th (week 10).

    The round scheduled for July 18th was postponed due to rain. The scheduled snack party previously documented for July 25th will now be August 1st.

    Week 11 (July 25th) will be played on the front nine.

  • 07-12-02: Revised week 9 scores to correct for missed card.

  • 07-04-02: I hope you didn't go out for golf tonight. Next official round on the front nine will be July 11th.

    Also note the documented change of the party night. The schedule was updated after the original posting of events. Later e-mail posted the revision and I failed to account for it on the web site.

  • 06-24-02: Golf ball awards are updated. I'll catch up through this most recent scoring round before Thursday.

    I remind all players that they are responsible for their full name appearing clearly on the card, that their rounds are correctly scored, and that your par 3 putts are noted if you want to win golf balls there.

  • 06-22-02: As you can see, I fully intended for this web site to be installed much earlier than this. We've just had our mid-season party on our week eight scoring round, and I appreciate all the input on the standings, and corrections offered.

    I've decided to post what I have and install the golf ball awards at my next opportunity. Several people have noticed the results of the re-flighting work, which seemed appropriate because of the change in our venue. Unfortunately, the basis of establishing flights were from some pretty bad weather rounds.

    We've strung together a couple of good weather playing rounds, and one rain-out on June 13th. With luck, we will avoid any further weather difficulties. Fortunately, we do not have a drop-dead date to complete our league play, so unless it gets outrageously late, we'll get all sixteen rounds in.

    Our next major event will be NO GOLF on July 4th. See the schedule page for the entire current calendar.

  • 05-28-02: Well, it's late in coming, but here is the City Golf League page system. The news of the year is the change in venue to Pierce Lake Golf Course of Washtenaw County. We have assembled a full 60 player league yet again. I'd like to take a moment and textually applaud Brad Cook for all his extraordinary efforts in this transition. His many phone calls and a journeyman effort went into relocating the league.

    For the first few weeks we have been battling the cold and the wind. The adjustments for players and officers is still ongoing. I have hopes of being able to flight all the league players as soon as is feasible. Unfortunately not all golfers have submitted the prerequisite number of rounds to give a representative sample.

    As an additional reminder, I, as Scoremaster, must have each group record the number of putts on par 3 holes to document "on the green" drives which may receive golf ball awards. Please help your Scoremaster on the par 3 holes. If you believe you should be awarded a golf ball, absolutely mark the number of putts on the par 3 green.

  • 05-15-03: Sorry for the slow start in 2003. I'll be working on these pages when I can get a chance.

    New members should be sure to get their two practice round scores to me ASAP!