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      Ann Arbor City Golf League 2001      

Golf league news:

This year's officers:
Brad Cook Nefarious Leader   (734) 973-6629 brad5m@yahoo.com
Stephen Opal Score Master (734) 669-0580 snopal@gmail.com
Larry Ritter Party Manager    

Latest News:

  • 09-09-01: The FINAL STANDINGS are now posted. If you have any contest with the results, get your notice to me right away.

    Thurday, September 13th is the scramble night. After the scramble, we have our end-of-season B-B-Q. There, all awards and prizes will be given.

  • 08-16-01: We needed the rain, just not on Thursday. No carts allowed on the course and water in the bunkers was enough to cause a cancellation of tonight's round. This pushes our end of season to September 13.

  • 08-07-01: Some modest corrections have been made to recent past standings due to scoremaster error. I'm willing to correct any and all mistakes that I make. If any player believes that I need to review their reported play, feel absolutely free to bring it up.

  • 08-01-01: There was an EAGLE this last week! Jim Anderson shot a fine deuce on hole 18, sinking his 142 yard approach shot on one bounce. Be sure you congratulate Jim on a fine shot.

    Five more weeks of official scoring. Bring your best game.

  • 07-25-01: Stats are now updated through week nine.

  • 07-25-01: I'm back from a beautiful Denver vacation. I wish I had time to golf more than I did. There were so many things to do, I need a vacation from my vacation.

    Now I'm back and I've processed the golf scores from July 19th, but darn-it I forgot to post them. The files are unreachable from work, so I'll have to do it tonight.

    Remember, after our golf round July 26th we will be enjoying refreshments at the Island Park pavillion.

  • 07-10-01: Just a reminder that the Ann Arbor Men's Tournament bumps our league off of the course this week. There is no league play on July 12th.

    In other news, there are only seven more scoring weeks this season. Be sure to get your make-up scores in early. League rules are very specific about submitting your make-up scores before the completion of the round to be played.

  • 07-04-01: My usual schedule for posting standings is to have them up on the Tuesday before the next round. The holiday caused me to delay my work on this, and now the standings and scores are up to date.

    Also, at the mid-season party, I was asked to review golf ball awards for the season so far. I am willing to do this, but have not yet applied myself to the task. If any player thinks that an error has been made, please first consult with the ``Scores'' page to determine where the error may have occurred. This small effort will assist this lowly Scoremaster in correcting any and all legitimate errors on the behalf of all players.

    My goal is to offer complete and correct results in every case. E-mail or call me with your observations and I will review each one upon request.

  • 07-01-01: I've been a little lax in updating the schedule page, with the recent rain out on our party night. In any case, please be sure and note that we

    Absolutely DO GOLF on July 5th, and we
    DO NOT GOLF on July 12 because of the conflict with the Ann Arbor Men's Tournament.

    June 28 brought the hottest round to date, and a very nice turn-out for the grill fest. Larry Ritter, the Party Manager was bemoaning how close we were to running out of beer. Those brews did go down easy in the warmth and I know I did my full part. Hydration is the name of the game.

  • 06-20-01: And here are the directions as sent out by Brad Cook:


    • Left out of Leslie parking lot onto Traver
    • Left from Traver onto Barton Dr (1st stop sign)
    • Right from Barton onto Plymouth Rd (1st light)
    • Left from Plymouth onto Maiden Ln (around 1st light, by Kroger's)
    • Maiden Ln to left on Island Dr (at apartments)
    • ~100-200 yards to low-slung shelter on right

    I'll leave some maps on the first (10th) tee.

  • 06-19-01: Bring your post-golf appetite! The grills will be hot at the Island Park pavillion. Just look for all the familiar faces.

  • 06-13-01: One week advance notice of the mid-season golf party. Enjoy the summer solstice at Island Park for our grill and chat party.

  • 06-05-01: Come marvel at the wonderous things I bring to you. Standings, complete in all their glory are now presented before you in nearly the shortest possible time. Four scoring weeks have passed, and a task that often takes as many as six weeks to finish has been placed online.

    The usual complication is when a few new golfers are more casual about their round submissions than the league as a whole. We were fortunate this year in having a record number of returning players and cooperative new members. A good job all around.

  • 06-01-01: Cooler than normal temperatures for league rounds capped by bottomless coolers of drinks and plenty of crunchables were the order of the day. If you don't have your make-up scores in soon, you won't get credit. The first series of standings postings are coming in a very short time.

  • 05-25-01: Last night's round was cancelled due to the wet conditions.  See the schedule page for the lastest revised calendar.

  • 05-24-01: Weather conditions have delayed tonight's party for a week.  We still hope to get the golf round in.  It seems like our season weather patterns have been a bit reversed.  All good until now.

  • 05-22-01: Flights have been set, but standings will be delayed until we get all missing scores submitted.

    Visit the scores page for the list of those submitted. No golf ball awards have been tallied as of yet. Your patience is appreciated.

  • 05-05-01: The league is underway.  Official flighting of players will occur as soon as new league members submit a minimum number of three scoring rounds from play on Leslie Park GC this year.

    Remember, scores are official only when submitted to the ScoreMaster by the listed methods:

    • Placement in the well-marked league scorecard box on the night of play
    • Phoning the ScoreMaster
    • E-mail the ScoreMaster
    • US Postal service delivery of the scorecard
    • Hand delivery of the scorecard to the ScoreMaster

    Unless individually permitted by the ScoreMaster or the League Secretary, all make-up scores must be submitted BEFORE the date of the round you will be making-up.  Accepting scores in deviation of the submission rules will be strictly at the discretion of the officers of the league.

    Once again, the ScoreMaster reminds all players to take personal responsibility in the marking and submission of their scores. All scores on par three holes will benefit from the inclusion of the number of putts played on the green. No other holes will benefit from such attention, however marking putts on the par three greens may mean the difference in receiving golf ball prizes.

  • 04-01-01: Hope your entry is on its way!  Now we fill the league from new at-large applications.  If your sign-up is late, be sure to call Brad Cook.

  • 03-25-01: Sign-up expiration is March 31st!  Don't be left out.

  • 03-22-01: All players must remember that make-up scores must be submitted only to the Score Master.  Any other method may result in loss of score.

    Submissions are accepted by score card deposit in the score box on golf night, hand delivery of your score card to the Score Master, or a phone call to the Score Master's contact line.

    All make-up scores are only valid when submitted on or before the night of play.

  • 03-22-01: Players joining the league for the first time will not have standing handicaps within the league.  We request that those new players play and submit three nine hole scores on the Leslie Park Golf Course to assist in flight placement.  Please submit these scores to the Score Master using one of the previously discussed options.