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      Ann Arbor City Golf League 2001      

League Constitution for 2001:

City Golf League
Rules and Procedures, 2001

A.  Organization of the League

    1.  Officers:

        Secretary - Organizes the league, chairs meetings, maintains
            the treasury, purchases prizes and trophies, determines 
            rainouts, and rules on questions/disputes on Rules of Play.

        Score Master - Establishes flights, maintains handicaps,
            records weekly scores and prizes (balls), awards points and
            determines the flight standings.

        Party Manager - Acquires/delivers party supplies and coolers
            for beer nights and party nights, arrange for grills for 
            mid-season and end-of-season barbecues.

    2.  Compensation for Officers: Each officer will not be charged
        for that season's league fees, but must pay for course fees.

    3.  Election of Officers:

        a.  Officers for the following year are elected at the
            end-of season party.

        b.  No officer will be required to serve for more than two
            seasons in succession.

B.  Rules:  USGA rules govern all play except as modified below.

    1.  Winter Rules apply:
            Throughout the season you may improve your lie in the rough
            or fairway with a club head.  The ball can not be moved to
            avoid a hazard;  i.e. in a bunker or from behind a bush.

    2.  One stroke penalty for the following:

        a.  Water hazards:
                Ball in creek or ponds; drop ball close to where the
                ball entered the water.

        b.  Out of Bounds and lost balls:
                Out of Bounds are fences and stakes on holes
                1,2,3,4,7,8,9,11,12,14,15,16, and 18.  Drop ball two
                club lengths from place original ball went
                Out of Bounds or was lost.

    3.  No penalty for the following:

        a.  Casual water:
                Water that accumulates on fairways or in rough due to rain
                is casual water.  You need not play out of this.  Drop ball
                two club lengths away from water but no closer to the hole.
                NOTE:  Relief from water in bunker applies here.  If 
                possible any ball recovered from bunker water must be 
                played from bunker.

        b.  Ball against/close to fence:
                If ball rests close to fence where stance, swing, or
                contact with ball is impeded as a direct result of the 
                fence, drop ball two club lengths away from fence but 
                no closer to the hole.

        c.  Drainage culverts and ditches:
                Free relief is available from all drainage ditches.  Drop
                ball two club lengths from ditch/culvert, but no closer 
                to hole, nor in such a direction which avoids other hazards 
                between ball and green.

    4.  Maximum score of 10 on any one hole:
            To speed up league play, upon reaching 10 strokes, the player must 
            pick up the ball and record a score of 10 regardless of position 
            on hole.

    5.  Putts:  To insure fairness, all putts must be putted out.  No gimmes.

    6.  Rule Questions during play:
            If there is doubt about a rule, a provision ball is also
            placed into play.  The player then plays both balls to the
            cup.  Each score is recorded and a decision is made by the
            League Secretary at the end of the round.

C.  Turning in Scores:

    Score Master for 2001:
    Stephen N. Opal, 2017 Orchardview Dr., Ann Arbor, 48108
    (734) 669-0580 is his direct home phone.

    1.  Regular Thursday Play:

        a.  When playing on a regular league outing, each player checks
            in on the City Golf League list.  At the end of the round, the
            score cards are turned in to the Score Master by putting the
            card in the City Golf League card box or submitting the card
            directly to the Score Master.  NEVER leave a scorecard in the
            hands of the Leslie Park Golf Course Staff with the assumption
            that the Score Master will receive it.

        b.  Use complete names for each person on the scorecard.  Errors
            from incomplete information are difficult to correct.

        c.  If the clubhouse should be closed before you finish your
            round, you may call in your score(s) to the Score Master before
            NOON the next day (friday) for your score to count.  Failure to
            call by noon means no score will be registered for those players.

    2.  Make-up scores for absence (vacation, work, etc.):

        a.  Make-up scores must be turned in to the Score Master BEFORE
            the date missed by the player.  The player may turn in a scorecard
            to the Score Master by placing the card in the City Golf League
            box, or by calling in the information.  Inform the Score Master
            of the date the score is to be used, and any awards (balls) 
            won on the round.

        b.  All make-up rounds must be played at Leslie Park Golf Course,
            and played on the appropriate nine holes of the course for the
            week missed.

        c.  A maximum of FOUR make-up rounds per season are allowed.  All 
            extra make-ups will not be scored.

    3.  Players not turning in a score according to the above rules will not
            have any score for the round.  No points will be awarded to
            players without a score.

D.  Handicaps:

    1.  All handicaps will be calculated as 80% of the difference between
        the players current average of all scores for the year and
        par 36.  This applies for all rounds after the third.

    2.  Flights will be established on the returning player's handicaps
        from the previous year (when possible).

    3.  New players will be required to submit at least 2 practice round
        scores from Leslie Park Golf Course from which their handicap
        and flight will be determined.

    4.  Final flights will be determined after the third week of play using
        a combination of all available scores to establish play-against
        handicaps for the first three rounds of scores.  Standings
        reports will be generated based upon this initial handicap.

E.  Prizes and Trophies:

    1.  Weekly Prizes: Balls won during the play of a round will be awarded
        at the end-of-season party.  To assist the Score Master in correct
        determination of balls won, all par-three scores must have the
        on-green putt count included for each player.  Also, any score 
        believed to count toward winning a golf ball should be circled.

        a.  ANY player will receive a golf ball for each birdie.

        b.  First flight players will receive ONE ball for pars on both
            par three holes in a round.  Only one ball will be awarded.

        c.  Second flight players will receive a ball for reaching a par
            three green on the first shot, and scoring par there.

        d.  Third/Fourth/Fifth flight players will receive a ball for
            reaching a par three green on their first shot.
            Scoring par is not necessary.

        e.  Fifth flight players will receive a ball for any par.

        f.  A limit of 12 golf balls will be awarded to a player during 
            the season.

    2.  Year end rewarding of Trophies:

        a.  During the season, points will be awarded and accumulated each
            week for each players performance within their flight that
            week.  Standings will be generated from these points.

        b.  The player with the lowest net score (after handicap) each week
            will receive points based on the number of players playing
            within the flight that week.  12 players means 12 points
            will be awarded to the best scoring player.  The next
            lowest score will receive one point less.  Ties will be
            awarded equal points.  Two players tied for 3rd place on
            a 12 player flight will each receive 9.5 points...
            (10 + 9) / 2 = 9.5.  The 5th place players score would be
            worth 8 points.

        c.  Current handicap and point standings will be posted in the
            clubhouse each week after the third week.

        d.  Trophies will be awarded at the end-of-season party after the
            final night of play.

        e.  The final night of play will be played as a team best-ball
            scramble.  Any number of players up to four will make up
            teams and play from the best shot of any member of the
            team.  Scores will be turned in and the highest handicap
            of the team will be eliminated.  Scores verses the
            composite handicap of all remaining handicap scores will
            be tallied.  Prizes will be awarded for best team score
            and other scramble contests.

F.  Parties and League Play Calendar                    

    1.  The mid-season and end-of-season parties will include beer, pop,
        hot dogs, hamburgers with chips and condiments.  All other
        parties will have beer, pop, and munchies.

    2.  The location of each party may vary depending on arrangements
        with Leslie Park Golf Course and the Ann Arbor Parks Dept.
        Bad weather or other conflicts may cause rescheduling of