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Last Modified: September 1, 2000
I have tried to supply league members with all pertinent league information of interest.
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Who do we think we are?

The Ann Arbor City Golf League has been a Thursday night fixture at Leslie Park Golf Course since before I joined. My personal participation in the league spans ten years.

Originally called the City Hall Golf League, members were affiliated with the Ann Arbor city government. Employees from many different departments assembled with the intention of having a fun time in a competetive but relaxed manner. Over time, city employees became a smaller and smaller part of the league as it opened participation to golfers outside of city government. The popularity of the league sustained it even as the intent of the league faded.

Now known as the City Golf League, we actually have participants that don't live locally. However, as great way to socialize, and as an easy excuse to escape work early, the league has prospered. We continue to sustain sixty golfers every season with fun and competition, and post round parties.

Golf league news:

Latest News:

9/01 - Final standings are posted.

Regarding golf ball awards; if your total is greater than 12 balls, you will only receive 12 balls.
If your total is less than 3 balls, you will receive 3 balls.
My tally for total golf balls awarded this year is 425.

Scramble rules apply for September 7th. Please make your own copy from this site.

8/31 - This is the final scoring week. Next week will be scramble/grill/awards at Leslie Park Golf Course.

8/10 - Thanks to Brian Schwab for detecting a software fault in the standings.
The error only affects the fifth flight, and all standings for the season have been corrected.
This year I am using a non-Excel spreadsheet program, and found an unexpected bug. Work-around is now in place.

July 27th Snack and beer night. Island Park pavillion at the same location where we had the midseason party.

Remember: NO GOLF JULY 13th. Ann Arbor City Tournament takes over the course friday and saturday, and Thursday is prep-day.

CONTRATULATIONS to Laurie Martin and Jack Germain!

Laurie Martin and Jack Germain each had a HOLE-IN-ONE on Thursday, July 6th!

Laurie's third career ace came on hole #12 and Jack's came on hole #7 while shooting a make-up score.

To my knowledge, only one other ace has been recorded in the league during my participation and has been long lost in history.

WE HAVE STATS! Check out our latest standings and scores entries.
Also, a full history of standings are available.

Due to RAINOUTS, our season will end September 7th.
Posted dates are in anticipation of a complete season.

Always put putt counts on all par 3 holes or you won't have the option of winning golf ball prizes on those holes.
Circling scores will not count.

The new season has started.

Always turn in make-up scores to the Scoremaster - Stephen Opal ONLY.

Officers for 2000:

Brad Cook   Secretary   (734) 973-6629 brad5m@aol.com
Stephen Opal   Score Master   (734) 669-0580 sno@sonnet.mi.org
Larry Ritter   Party Manager  

Last year's final standings



Practice:   April 27 (not prepaid)  Week  7:    June 29
Week 1:     May 4                   Week  8:    July 6
Week #:     May 11   (RAINOUT)      - NO GOLF - July 13
Week #:     May 18   (RAINOUT)      Week  9:    July 20
Week 2:     May 25   (Beer party)   Week 10:    July 27   (Beer Party)
Week 3:     June 1                  Week 11:    August 3
Week 4:     June 8                  Week 12:    August 10
Week 5:     June 15                 Week 13:    August 17
Week 6:     June 22  (Barbeque)     Week 14:    August 24 
                                    Week 15:    August 31
                                    Week 16:    September 7 (Barbeque) 

Standings reports for week:

01 - May 4
## - May 11 - RAINOUT
## - May 18 - RAINOUT
02 - May 25
03 - June 1
04 - June 8
05 - June 15
06 - June 22
07 - June 29
08 - July 6
## - July 13 - No golf this week due to the Ann Arbor Men's Tournament.
09 - July 20
10 - July 27
11 - August 3
12 - August 10
13 - August 17
14 - August 24
15 - August 31 - Final Standings
16 - September 7 - Anticipated end of season scramble, grill-out, and awards.

Four-ball best ball scramble rules:

Rules apply only for last night of season.

Minimum of three players per team.

Every player plays one shot from best current position.

In the event of only three players, one player only may play two shots from current position.

Record actual score from best ball play.

At the end of the round, official score will be calculated at the clubhouse by a designated authority.

Procedure will be to drop the worst handicap of all active players,
average the remaining handicaps,
modify actual score by calculated average handicap.

Lowest net score wins.


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